Laser Tattoo Removal Price List

Laser Tattoo Removal Price List

Tattoo removal laser services are priced based on the size of the tattoo being treated. All patients receive a free consultation prior to treatment in order to provide a Treatment Plan and Cost Estimate. Dr. Jackson utilizes the most powerful laser in the Omaha area in order to minimize the number of treatments required for desired results. Most tattoos require a minimum of 3 treatments, however all tattoos are different and results may vary.

Laser Tattoo Removal before and after Price List

XS – 1 inch by 1 inch                                             $  75

Small – 2 inches by 2 inches                               $150

Medium – 4 inches by 4 inches                          $300

Large – 6 inches by 6 inches                               $450

XLarge – 8 inches by 8 inches                            $600

XXLarge – Larger than 8″x8″                            Custom pricing based on time required for treatment