Industry Leading Laser Tattoo Removal

Prestige can help you erase Your Unwanted Tattoo with laser tattoo removal technology. Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, spanning every corner of the globe, from New Zealand to Japan. Ancient tribes used tattoos to show that an individual had gone through an ordeal of some sort, or a right of passage. This practice dates back over 5,000 years. We’re willing to wager that people have wanted to get their tattoos removed since then.

There’s a million reasons why you might have gotten your tattoo. Maybe it was a dare. Maybe it was a celebration of a milestone, or to show your appreciation to someone or something you greatly admire. Maybe you got your tattoo one fateful night that you don’t remember so clearly.

If you’re happy with your tattoo, then we are happy for you! A stylish tattoo can give a person distinction and raise a certain level of mystery. It’s a great way to express yourself and your values, given the right context and execution. We respect that. But let’s assume that you’re not happy, or else you likely wouldn’t be here right now. If you are unsatisfied or even exasperated with your current body art. Prestige Medical Laser Solutions can help you with our laser tattoo removal system.

An unwanted tattoo can be a distraction. If it’s located in an indiscreet place, you may be looking at it all the time or possibly worried if other people see it in the same light as you do. Maybe your tattoo is awesome, but you have moved on from it, or want to free up space for a brand new creation.

Overt tattoos can affect everyday life. They can limit potential employment options and may be the difference between getting hired at that exciting new job or being passed upon. Prestige Medical Laser Solutions can reconcile your unwanted tattoo. After a while you’ll forget what it even looked like.

Let’s take action against your unwanted tattoos together. We can provide an extensive laser tattoo removal treatment that will render your unwanted body ink a thing of the past. Let’s move forward. If you’re unhappy with your tattoo then don’t wait another minute. Contact Prestige Medical Laser Solutions today for a one-on-one consultation and we’ll discuss your options together.

Prestige Medical Laser Solutions specializes in industry-leading laser tattoo removal in Omaha, NE. Tattoos are generally seen as a thing of permanence, but it’s simply not the case. We’ve had very successful results in laser therapy when removing or lightening unwanted tattoos.

Studies have shown that one in four adults have at least one tattoo, which is an increase from previous years. Surveys and other separate studies have shown that one in four people with tattoos have a tattoo that they regret.

The good news is that you don’t have to live with that for the rest of your life. An unwanted tattoo can represent a distraction. It could be something you see every time you look in the mirror. Prestige Medical Laser Solutions can help you devise a proactive plan to get rid of your unwanted tattoos for good.

The Technology

The Cutera® Enlighten™ utilizes cutting edge technology to break down the composition of pigments in your tattoo. It is the world’s first dual wavelength (1064 nm + 532 nm) and dual pulse duration (750 ps + 2 ns) laser system featuring class-leading treatment parameters and customization.

Though removal of tattoos represent a formidable challenge due to size, color arrangement and density, we are able to deliver effective treatments with optimal results by utilizing multiple wavelengths, spot sizes and the latest picosecond (one trillionth of a second) pulse duration technology. With Cutera Enlighten one can expect far fewer treatment sessions as compared to the older technology that utilizes only nanosecond pulse durations.

With the Cutera® Enlighten™ tattoo ink is removed by laser using a very specific light wavelength that is absorbed by the ink through your skin. This high-tech laser energy will reach into the skin to destruct tattoo ink, which is then broken down and processed naturally through your body. This procedure is non-surgical, and the focus of laser tattoo removal is so precise that it will leave the surrounding skin completely undamaged.

How Many Treatments Might I Need?

Tattoo removal, depending on size, location, color arrangement and density, will generally require multiple laser treatments. This is because some colors are more difficult to remove than others.

We are anxious to get to work for you. We want to help you get rid of your unwanted tattoos so you can turn the page and go on with your life, fresh and new. Make room for new art work or simply enjoy a blank canvas for a while. The choice is yours. Call Prestige Medical Laser Solutions today and we’ll meet with you for an initial consultation to discuss your tattoo removal options.